“There is no substitute for good nursing care, but this overlay is an amazing new tool that we can use to help us prevent pressure ulcers during hospitalization.”


“We set up a three month trial period, using 20 overlays. We used the overlays on patients that had no evidence of decubitus ulcers on admission. These patients had the full range of Braden Scores. This trial translated to a total of 1640 patient days of use. During that time we had an 83 year old debilitated patient with profuse diarrhea and a Braden score of 12. She developed a small sacral ulcer. This quickly resolved once we implemented a rectal tube. We had no further incidence of pressure ulcers in any of the other patients”


Lorraine Wall, RN, MSN

Olympic Medical Center

“I had two residents that required an air mattress related to having poor skin integrity, however were having increased falls and safety concerns from the air mattress. When we switched them to the Low-G mattresses, there was a 100% reduction of falls related to the air mattress and their skin did not suffer any breakdown during the trial period.”

Allison Paquette, R.N.

Puget Sound Healthcare Center

“Our goal is to have less than 2% in-house acquired pressure ulcers. With a quantity of just 12 Low-G Mattress Overlays, we were able to reduce our weekly pressure ulcer incidence rate to 1.11%.”

Sarah Moore, R.N., Director of Nursing

Crestwood Convalescent Center