Dr. Edward McEachern, Chief Executive and Chairman, Initiatives Healthcare, Inc.

Dr. Edward McEachern originated the concept of a hospital company that is owned and managed by physicians and caters to the needs of local physician owners/partners in each represented community. A veteran medical business expert, Dr. McEachern has worked with providers, payers, and patients to improve health, lower costs and demonstrate better health outcomes.

In addition to running IHI, he is also currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah Orthopedic Center. Dr. McEachern draws on a diverse background in internal medicine, laboratory medicine, and health services research. His team’s areas of expertise are a perfect blend to guide CMD into a leadership role in patient health, clinical research, and community outreach.

Dr. Robert Watkins, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Bob Watkins is a retired orthopedic surgeon who specialized in trauma service and care at the Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles, Washington.  Dr. Watkins supervised and oversaw the clinical studies and patient use of the Low-G overlays at the Olympic Medical Center.