"For the next two years, for every patient, we used the Low-G® bed overlay.We had zero

decubitus ulcers. Not a single bedsore developed in two years in a 50-bed hospital.”


- J. Edward McEachern, MD

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Providing patients with exceptional care is the first priority of any medical professional. CMD Innovations, LLC develops technologies to prevent pressure ulcers, as well as other products helpful to patients and
medical practitioners.

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Our Story

Based in Portland, Oregon, CMD Innovations, LLC is a medical technology and medical supplies provider, offering unique solutions for patient care to doctors, practitioners, and providers. The future of medical care and the medical industry rests on bold solutions and creative products, which is exactly what CMD Innovations, LLC provides.

Founded in 2009 and privately owned, the company's purpose is to explicitly develop revolutionary medical products and ensure each one finds its way to the marketplace. With several patents under our belt, we are advancing the world of practical and effective patient care.

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